Impacted third molar widom tooth extraction


New camera, so still working on the angles. Surgical extraction of impacted third molar (wisdom tooth). Normally I would use chromic gut sutures, but for some reason silk was all I had that day.

The key to taking out impacted thirds is 1) making a flap so you can visualize the bone and tooth, and 2) to remove buccal bone in order to visualize the tooth and create space to elevate the tooth. The flap definitely could have gone more distal instead of going 90 degree buccally, but it should always go in a disto-buccal angle in a “hockey stick” type shape instead of going over the retromolar pad, as some patients may have the lingual nerve running through there.

The tooth probably could have easily been delivered without being sectioned, but I decided to section the crown off in order to facilitate delivering the tooth without risk of tearing or damaging the lingual soft tissue/lingual nerve.