How to whiten your teeth instant ? || Naturally : DIY


How to whiten your teeth instant ?
🐒How turmeric teeth whitening? 👀Here’s the answer :
Turmeric has astringent properties and is also abrasive.  It is most so in its natural root form, but is most widely available dried as a powder, so that’s what I used.
🐒Ingredients you need the most:
– turmeric powder to 1 spoon coconut oil.  Mix together to form a paste, and keep in a cool place (in case coconut oil in solid ,wait and make liquid at around room temperature). The Method: Put a generous amount on the mixture on brush and brush as normal for 2 minutes.  Rinse very well with water.
This procedure take only 7 minutes I guess . Surely ,tell you it’s really work out so well . I was amazed after doing this .
As always, the best possible way to keep your smile as bright and white as possible😀 .
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