How to whiten your teeth easily at home / And keep them pearly white


In this video I’ll demonstrate how I keep my teeth so pearly white. 2 times a year I’ll use crest white strips. In between that I will use baking soda & peroxide . All you’ll need is baking soda and peroxide and your favorite toothpaste. I prefer to put my baking soda in an airtight container, and my peroxide in a spray bottle. You’ll want to dampen your toothbrush and then put it in the baking soda, then tap off the excess and spray the top of your toothbrush with peroxide then I use a little toothpaste. Brush your teeth as you normally would and then afterwards finish up with a mouthwash . I only do this in the evening . If you have sensitive teeth you’ll want to experiment with hat works best for you. So thanks for taking the time to watch this video it means the world to me. And if you haven’t already please consider subscribing to my channel. As always I’m sending you light and I’m sending you love and I hope you are have a blessed day. Xxoo