how to whiten teeth fast in 2 minute 100% [Health is Wealth]


How to whiten your yellow teeth at home in just 2 minutes with household items? In this video, we have listed best natural home remedy for teeth whitening. for more updates subcribe my channel

Ingredients use in this video

1. Baking Soda
2. Lemon
3. Tooth Brush

Whiten Teeth in 2 Minutes! [guaranteed to whiten teeth
I have never used white strips or gels of any kind on my teeth. I only use these natural home remedies that I know are safe for the enamel on my teeth but will still make my teeth super white and look polished.

It only takes me 2 minutes tops to use any one these remedies.

Use the inside skin of a banana peel, use as much peel as you want. This is one of my most favorite ones cause I see results immediately as I’m doing it!

Fresh strawberries really work to whiten my teeth too and it tastes really good while I’m doing it:)

Baking soda and salt mixture (use 1 teaspoon of each and shake) it is very abrasive so use with care. Do Not use this remedy more than once a week -Max.

Gargle with Flax Mouthwash before you brush your teeth.
Remember to floss your teeth everyday! I know its a pain but worth it!
Just sharing what works for me!!!

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