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Today I have teamed up with Bianco Smile for What’s New Wednesday. I bring you a How to Whiten You Teeth At Home Naturally with their Charcoal Whitening Powder. Starting off I went a head and dampened my Tooth Brush. Once wet I dipped it into the Charcoal Powder. For the next 2 minutes I proceeded to brush my teeth with what I can only describe as chalk. It was a very disgusting feeling. After the 2 minutes I rinsed my mouth throughouly with water to remove the extra, and revealed a whiter brighter smile. I have sensitive teeth to begin with so during brushing my teeth did react to the product. But remember everyone is different and my sensitivty to it doesnt mean yours will be too. Now I could see better results after a few uses. But for me after just 1 use it seemed whiter only because my whole mouth was cover in charcoal for 2 minutes. It deffinately polished my teeth really well though.


How To Use♡
Wet tooth brush
Dip in Activated Charcoal
Brush teeth for 2 minutes
Rinse well with water
Reveal a white smile
Repeat until desired whiteness is achieved!

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