How to whiten teeth at home in 3 minutes | 100% Working Homemade Paste for Teeth and Gum Problems


Teeth Whitening Paste | Homemade Paste for Teeth and Gum Problems whiten teeth in 2 minutes

Neem Powder (Indian Lilac) :
Whole Alum :
Alum Powder :
Indian Gooseberry Powder :
Sea Salt :
Sendha Namak :
Peppermint Extract :
Peppermint Extract 2 :
Baking Soda :
Edible Coconut Oil 250ml :
Edible Coconut Oil 500ml :

When it comes to teeth cleaning and teeth whitening the first thing we all do is to clean our teeth with a toothpaste
And the toothpaste available in the market have so much competition that they are using different ingredients like salt, charcoal etc.
Which is why their price as well is increasing
And the toothpaste we use to clean our teeth can cause problems and you will be shocked to know that it can cause cancer also
The reason is because
The toothpaste available in the market contain a chemical which is called SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE
This chemical is the main reason behind the bubbles that are formed while brushing our teeth and if you don’t know then
This chemical is used in Shampoo and washing powders also to create bubbles which is very hazardous for our health
Which is why toothpaste tubes have a warning printed on them which warns us to prevent 6 year olds from using this and the toothpaste should not be swallowed and if swallowed accidentally then you should contact Poison control center or hospital immediately how to whiten teeth in 2 minutes without baking soda
You might not have noticed these marks at the bottom of the toothpaste tubes
Different colors have different percentage of the chemicals present in the toothpaste