How to Whiten Skin with Lemon and Sugar – Natural Remedy to Lighten Skin with Lemon Jucie

HOW to brighten skin color. How to Use Lemon for Face Whitening. Get attractively lustrous and lighter body color with this magical homemade body lightening packs.

Take note that exposure to the sun causes skin hyperpigmentation. This is where the skin receives more melanin thereby causing an appearance of dark spots. These spots cause the skin to appear blotchy. Believe it or not, natural skin whiteners from products available in your home helps whiten your skin and decrease the onset of hyperpigmentation. It also decreases any possibility of chemical burns.

First things first, do make sure to wash thoroughly your skin two times a day using mild soap as well as a washcloth. Then, the washcloth needs to be rubbed on the skin and the soap rinsed off. Essentially, the washcloth helps exfoliate the skin and shed dead skin cells.

Then, do apply a lime juice and tomato mask on the skin each morning prior to washing. In order to make the lime juice and tomato mask, place in a blender a piece of tomato as well as the juice coming from one piece of lime. After which, apply a layer of this natural brightening mask thinly on the skin. Do leave it on for ten to fifteen minutes. If you have any excess brightening mask left over, you can store this in a tightly closed container for a week.

After washing off the mask from your skin using mild soap, take note of how the tomato and lime causes your skin to appear bright. Be aware that lime juice, being a natural acid, has the tendency to sting your skin.

Also, before going to bed, do apply a lemon juice and honey mask. To do the mask, just mix a teaspoon of honey with a teaspoon of lemon juice. Then, apply this to your skin and leave it for at least ten to fifteen minutes. After which, rinse it off using lukewarm water. What the honey does is that it helps keep the skin moisturized.

If your skin does appear dry, you can apply aloe vera organic gel two times a day after your regular facial wash. Aloe vera gel is a natural moisturizer that lightens the skin and soothes any type of skin irritation.

All in all, these are easy ways on how to whiten skin naturally using organic materials which are available in your home and refrigerator.

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