How to Take Care of your Veneers


So you just got the million-dollar smile. Now I’m going to answer some questions on how you take care of it. The million-dollar smile, probably in this office, was done via porcelain veneers. Here are some tips of ways to kind of preserve that look. Again, if you haven’t watched the toothpaste video that I talk about, I encourage you to go look at that video because it talks about how to preserve the glaze on the porcelain. The longer you can preserve that glaze, the longer the porcelain will look and have that luster and sparkle that you walked out with the day you got them. Veneers, essentially, you are going to treat the same way you do natural teeth. You’re going to brush, floss them as normal, using a rinse. They are meant to be an improvement to your life, not an impediment. So you can still eat the corn on the cab, you can still eat the apples. If you’re an ice chewer, probably not a good idea in general. Not only that you have veneers but your natural teeth, it is probably not a good idea. So just using common sense to preserve your veneers will make them last a long, long time.