How to: Stop biting your nails! Break the habit once and for all!


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I am so delighted to finally be in this position where I am no longer a compulsive nail biter. After spending too much £££ on polishes and potions to help fix the problem, ultimately all it took was realisation and will power. The worst part was that as I would have my nails permanently painted as a visual reminder to not bite them, the nails turned a horrific yellow colour, I then had to remove the polish and just let them breathe which was the true test of my willpower and whether the habit had really gone, I’m ecstatic that it has and I’m sending lots of encouragement your way because I just know that you can do it too!
P.S If guys use white blobs rather than coloured it will just look like calcium blips in your nails and no one will probably even notice!