How to Shave Your Legs


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Women shave their legs an average of eleven times a month, so you might as well learn to perfect your technique.

Step 1: Shower or bathe
Begin by showering or bathing in hot water. Hot water softens your hair, opens pores and relaxes skin, making it easier to shave.

Step 2: Lather legs w/ shaving cream
While still in the shower or tub, lather up your legs with shaving cream.

Step 3: Start at top of foot & pull up
Using a razor with a sharp, clean blade, start at the top of your foot and pull gently up the entire length of your leg in one smooth stroke.

To avoid nicks or cuts around your ankle, flex your heel to stretch the skin around the bone when you shave.

Step 4: Pull skin taut w/ one hand
Pull sections of leg skin straight and taut with one hand, and use the razor with the other. Shave against the direction your hair grows.

Don’t put too much pressure on your razor, because this can cause razor burn and skin irritations.

Step 5: Rinse razor blade
Rinse your razor blade after every few strokes to remove the shaving cream and hair.

To trim your bikini area, shave in the direction the hair grows, then re-lather with shaving cream and shave lightly against the direction of the growth. Be gentle: The coarser hair makes this area more prone to razor burn.

Step 6: Moisturize legs
Moisturize your legs with an alcohol-free lotion, which will soften the skin without burning or stinging. Voila! Perfectly smooth legs for nearly 72 hours.

Did You Know?
Some experts say a racy World War Two pinup of Betty Grable flaunting her bare legs was the inspiration for U.S. women to make leg-shaving a routine.