How to remove black spots on tongue? – Dr. Aarthi Shankar


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The most common causes for black spots to happen on your tongue, something called hyper pigmentation so because of which you can have black spots in your tongue. It is could be genetic it could be in your family. The other courses are if your taking Iron supplements you can have black spots on your tongue itself can be quoted black, some kind of allergic reaction to some food for some medicines can also called black spots. Even if you are anemic you might have black spots. The rare causes which cause black spots are something called oral fibroma, these are nothing but small raised black bumbs which you see in your tongue, you can feel it whenever you’re eating. Other causes are something called Harry town which can happen due to very poor oral hygiene and which is accompanied with fungal infections and other courses like oral cancer can also produce black spots in your tongue. So the treatment for such spots in your tongue is basically cleaning of your tongue if it is a temporary stain in which has happened due to food and supplements, it can be cleaned with regular tongue cleaning. But when you are not able to clean such spots, when you are in doubt it is always advisable to take professional help and take the right treatment to control the black spots.

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