HOW TO: Remove Beans from LUSH Massage Bars


I’m really disappointed in myself with this second version. In the original recording, I thoroughly explained why you should NOT use a massage bar in the shower, tub, etc. That’s why you have Scrubee, Buffy, ANY body conditioner, just for the love of god, don’t use a beaned massage bar in a shower!

I also vaguely remember comparing Pearl’s bubbles (and I can’t believe I keep saying “baubles” in this version, I’m an idiot) to my cat’s crystal litter pieces 😂
Oh well, at least this is 11 minutes long, not like the original 30!

I enjoy reviewing and making demos for LUSH Cosmetics. I’m always buying new items so there will be different & exciting videos each week!

Today I’m showing you how I removed the beans and “bubbles” from LUSH’s Wiccy Magic Muscles & Pearl Massage Bars!

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“Trancer” Gunnar Olsen
“Dance, Don’t Delay” Twin Musicom
“Cognative Dissonance – Electronic Medium” Kevin MacLeod
Footage shot on Nikon D7000 & iPhone 7+
Intro green screen transitions by DailyVintage