How To Properly Shave Your Pubic Hair Completely


How To Properly Shave Your Pubic Hair Completely
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how to properly shave your bikini area

good grooming habits let you avoid that embarrassing side of pubic hair
peeking out of skimpy outfits and bikinis and they earn you the approval of your partner as well
however there’s the question of how to properly shave your bikini area with various sources, recommending differing
opinions on the matter, to end this speculation, follow these step by step detailed set of instructions,

1, get a new razor or razor blade. particularly those with protective features like cushions, moisturizing strips or micro fins. also since you will be working on a delicate area, that’s not exactly flat and taut.
2, pick the right kind of shaving cream, as you’re not supposed to use the one, you apply on your face or legs on your genital area, which is more sensitive than most parts of your body, you can also use hair conditioner, but never soap in lieu of shaving cream.

3. start by wetting the bikini area with warm water to soften the pubic hair.

4, have a small bowl of warm water ready and placed near you,
this is what you will dip your razor into, to rinse out trapped hair in between shaves,

5, if your pubic hair is long, trim it first with clippers that come with a guard. so, you avoid cutting yourself, for added protection, you can use a small fine-tooth comb, place it flat against your skin, run it through the pubic hair, and clip out strands above it. the less hair left, the easier shaving will be.

6. scrub the area with a mild exfoliator to remove dead skin,
so you get a closer cleaner shave, you can use exfoliating body washes, or a washcloth for this purpose,

7, apply a pre shaving oil
so you prevent irritation, and razor burns, and allow the blade to glide smoothly as you shave.

8. apply shaving cream, and don’t be afraid to lay it on, thick leave it on for a couple of minutes. to let it prepare the hair, if you’re using a brush to apply the cream work it in circular motions, to help lift the hair, so. you get a closer shave,.

9. prop your leg on the side of your tub,
10, you can dip the razor in the warm water in between shaves to prevent clogging,

11, repeat the same process in step 9 on the other areas along your bikini line
12, when you’re finished wash the area clean with warm water then pat dry, part of how to properly shave your bikini area.

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