How to Naturally Whiten Your Teeth


How to Naturally Whiten Your Teeth With Activated Charcoal.

I have been whitening my teeth for the past 13 years trying different methods and activated charcoal or also known as carbon has been by far the best. I really am impressed with the results especially since its the cheapest!!! I have done the professional teeth whitening at the dentist and the crest strips in the past. Needless to say charcoal will be my method of choice for the rest of my life. I even consulted my dental hygienist about it and she said that its totally healthy for your teeth and that’s what her family uses in the Caribbean to whiten their teeth! Activated Charcoal pulls the strains out of your teeth instead of bleaching your teeth like a chemical method. The secret is out…..don’t spend any more money on expensive teeth whiteners!!!

1. Brush your teeth normally with toothpaste
2. Floss your teeth
3. Sprinkle the activated charcoal on your WET toothbrush
4. Brush for 2 minutes
5. Rinse a few times
6. Brush with toothpaste really quick just to make sure you got all the black off your teeth

Note: I love using activated charcoal/carbon because it pulls the stains/toxins out of the teeth. It adheres to the stain/toxin particles and holds onto them tightly until you rinse and spit them out. Other methods of whitening that use lemons or chemicals can be abrasive, acidic, and eventually will cause damage to your enamel. Charcoal is all natural and non-abrasive helping to strengthen and whiten your teeth.