How To Highlight Hair With Lemon Juice Naturally DIY


How to Highlight Your Hair Naturally with lemon juice
Ever wanted natural-looking highlights without paying for salon prices? This video will show you how to get subtle and natural-looking highlights from lemon juice and sunshine.
Please note this technique works best on fair hair. Brown or black hair might go red, not blond.
How does it Work
The lemon juice acts like an accelerant to the sun’s natural hair lightening abilities. It’s magnifying the amount of lightening the sun can do, which creates the subtle highlights.
What will you need:
1. A few lemons, strainer, spray bottle, bowl
2. water squirt bottle. (optional)
3. A towel.
4. Sun protection gear. Specifically sunscreen and sunglasses.
5. A brush and/or comb.
The best way to do this is right after your shower.
For streaky highlights– towel off your hair, so that it’s damp, not dripping at all.
For soft highlights or all over lightness– pat your hair with a towel, so that it’s not dripping.

Juice lemons. Cut the lemons in half, and use a juicer or your fingers to squeeze their juice into a bowl.
Make sure to strain the seeds, so they don’t clog your spray bottle.
Avoid using bottled lemon juice. It contains preservatives that aren’t good for your hair.

2 Add water to the bowl. Dilute the lemon juice by adding an equal amount of water. For example, if you have half a cup of juice, add half a cup of water.

Pour the mixture into a spray bottle. You can find a new spray bottles in the drugstore or use an old one you already have at home.
If you’re using an old spray bottle, make sure it is thoroughly washed before you pour in the lemon juice. Avoid using a bottle that contained toxic chemicals.
Shake the lemon juice mixture well.

Spray your hair with the lemon mixture. Concentrate on the parts you want to lighten. You can coat your hair all over or focus on a few strands.
If you want a more precise application, dip a cotton ball in the lemon juice mixture and rub it on the strands of hair you wish to highlight.
Some people prefer to use a squeezy bottle and spray it down the parting and then combe downwards to apply the lemon juice along the strands of hair. Similarly if your hair is pulled back in a pony tail you can apply alppy along your forehead and brush back.
The more lemon juice you apply to your hair, the lighter it will get.

Sit in the sun to let it react with the lemon juice. Allow the sun to dry the mixture in your hair for about 30 minutes. As your hair dries, it will begin to lighten.
Make sure you protect your face and body with sunscreen and clothing while sitting in direct sunlight.
The longer you stay in the sun, the lighter your hair will get. However, be aware that bleaching your hair with lemon juice can dry out and damage your hair.

Wash and condition your hair. Thoroughly rinse the lemon juice mixture from your hair, then wash and condition it with moisturizing products. When your hair is dry, you’ll see the highlights.

If you want stronger highlights then apply again but no more than once a week or your hair will become brittle and weak