How to have Natural White Teeth (This works!)


Natural whitening tooth & gum powder with activated charcoal

Directions: How to use Natural Activated Charcoal to make your teeth sparkly white without the bleach and chemicals:

1.Dip a clean wet toothbrush, or one with your favorite natural toothpaste already on it into the Powder.

2.Brush in small circles for 2 minutes. If you don’t want to brush just apply to teeth and let sit for 2 minutes. It’s tasteless and odorless.

3.Spit out and rinse well.

4.If you swallow some it’s okay, it’s all natural.

Your mouth will feel amazingly clean, and you’ll see your results as soon as 1 time.

Natural tip for bright white sparkling teeth, even after one time of brushing with this wonder bark.
If your whitening strips are making your teeth and gum sensitive or you just want a natural teeth whitener consider activated charcoal. It removes stains (coffee-stains, tea-stains, wine, cigarettes, and more)
naturally and makes your teeth feel extremely clean and smooth.

In addition it changes the pH of the mouth and is effetive in preventing cavities and killing bad bacterial present in tooth decay and gingivitis

You can get this from natural health stores or you can find at (Link above)
Make sure that the charcoal is from wood (we use willow bark) or coconut sources and not petroleum based.

Only use activated charcoal, not any other forms.

Check with your own dentist or doctor first!

Natural whitening tooth & gum powder with activated charcoal