How to get white teeth fast


Having healthy teeth that look and feel clean and sparkling can help with a number of facets of your life.
It can reduce pain, increase your self-confidence, and help make positive impressions on others.
Having clean, white teeth depends on two important components: having a healthy oral hygiene routine and using cosmetic treatments to whiten this video we will show you how to get white teeth fast

Method 1
Having an Excellent Daily Oral Hygiene Routine

Brush two to three times daily
Brush for two to three minutes each time
Buy fluoridated toothpaste
Replace your toothbrush every three months
Buy toothbrushes with soft bristles
Floss daily
Use a mouthwash with fluoride once a day
Irrigate your mouth to remove food particles

Method 2
Using Whitening Products at Home

See your dentist
Purchase whitening products with peroxide concentrations of 10% or less
Follow package instructions carefully
Brush with a whitening toothpaste
Consider a toothpaste with baking soda
Be cautious about natural tooth-whitening treatments

Method 3
Getting Professional Dental Care

See your dentist twice a year
Ask about professional whitening treatments
Make sure you see only licensed dental professionals

Method 4
Eating a Tooth-Friendly Diet

Don’t eat snacks between meals
Eat less than 50 grams of sugar each day
Drink sugarless beverages
Limit tooth-staining drinks
Eat fresh fruits and vegetables
Don’t eat sticky foods unless you rinse afterwards
Eat low-fat dairy and nuts
Do not eat before bedtime
Quit tobacco products

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