How to Get Long Shiny Hair Fast! (overnight)


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Todays DIY is probably the easiest one you will ever do! All you need for this is some brewed coffee! I just became a coffee addict lol! I never knew why people loved it so much until I started drinking it on the regular and now im ADDICTED!!!

So anyways, one day while I was drinking coffee.. I was looking at my magical cup of deliciousness and I thought.. This HAS to be good for something other then giving me the best morning ever hahah So I did some research and found that brewed, ROOM TEMPERATURE, coffee is actually great for stimulating hair growth and giving your hair a beautiful shine. I cannot tell you how excited I was when I found this out because of my new love of coffee :)

Anyways, I tried it right away and I noticed IMMEDIATE results! My hair was SUPER shiny and glossy and it has extra life to it. Since my hair is brown, it also felt like the coffee gave my brown hair color a really nice color boost (yay!)

Now with that being said, I DO NOT recommend anyone who is blonde or has any type of blonde color in their hair to do this. Coffee CAN possibly color light hair to a chocolatey color so its best to avoid it. If you are a blonde or have some sort of blonde in ur hair (ombre, highlights etc) then I suggest using non alcoholic beer.

This isnt something that I incorporate into my hair routine all the time, but whenever I want a nice boost of shine, literally over night. If you DO incorporate it often though, you will notice a boost in your hair growth because of the caffeine in the coffee so its a win win!

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