How To Fix Bad Breath


How To Fix Your Bad Breath Using Listerine Mouth Wash .Click On to get a year’s supply.

This video explains the causes and cures of bad breath .About 80% of bad breath in the mouth is caused by something in the mouth. The common type of bad breath is the morning breath. Caused by bacteria in the mouth. As you speak, saliva production decreases. Bacteria break down the stagnant food in your mouth. The bye product created leads to a foul smelling odor .The truth is that morning breath can be controlled. Here are ways to do it. Start by brushing and flossing regulary. Make sure to use a tongue cleaner. Drink plenty of water to increase saliva production .If this does not go, check to rule out the following foods that may be responsible- tobacco, severe dieting and illness. In some cases, it may be a sign of something serious.

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