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Chehray ke daano, keel mahason ko itni taizi se khatam karkay chehra saaf karne wala is se behtar totka aur koi nahi miley ga
How To Clear Acne Best Treatment For Acne Scars Best Pimple Treatment In Urdu Hindi
Rose water is being used since ancient days to treat acne and its wounds. When the sebacius glands underneath skin produce excess sebum then acne forms since it gets trapped in the skin.
What Are The Benefits?
1. Rose water has antimicrobial and anti-bacterial properties that help in treating acne and pimples. It also fades away the scars left by acne on the skin.
2. Rose water is very gentle even if the concentration is more and so all skin type people can use this including sensitive skinned people. Unlike any other chemically loaded product it doesn’t cause skin redness or damage to the skin.
3. It has many other skin benefits other than curing acne. It maintains the optimum pH balance of the skin naturally without any chemicals.

How To Make Rose Water Yourself At Home? If you want you can also buy it from market. It is available easily at affordable price but do you know that making yourself costs even for lesser and you can make more concentrated one than that the market available product? Making it is also very easy that takes few minutes. There are few more methods to make it but here this is the matter of treating acne, I am sharing recipes that contains ingredients to cure it.
2. Fuller’s Earth and Rose Water pack: Mix some fuller’s earth with rose water to make paste and apply to face evenly. Leave it till it dries and then wash it off.
3. Gram Flour and Rose Water Pack: Mix some gram flour with rose water and make paste with them. Apply it to your face and leave it till it dries completely followed by rinsing.
3. Lemon Juice and Rose Water Pack: Lemon juice can also cure your acne and fade away the scars left by it. So mix the juice with rose water in equal proportions and apply it to your clean face. Leave it for 10 minutes and then rinse it well. Leaving lemon juice on skin for more can irritate your skin by making it dry. But you should patch test this pack before directly applying to your face since few people can be allergic to lemon.
In Hindi
Chehray ke daano, keel mahason ko itni taizi se khatam karkay chehra saaf karne wala is se behtar totka aur koi nahi miley ga .

Aajkal har fard chehray par niklny walay keel mahason se pareshan hai. Khaas tor par nojawan larke aur larkiyan un masail se bohat ziyada tang aaye hue dikhayi dete hain kyun k keel mahasay aur pimples ziyada tar jawan umri mein honay walay masail mein se aik hai. Un masail ke khatmay ke
liye aik zabardast gharelo nuskha darj zail hai. Keel mahason aur pimples se chhutkara panay ke liye lemoo aur ghulaab arq bohat hi zabardast qudrati ajzaa hain kyunkay yeh chehray ka ziyada oil khatam karte hain aur khulay masamon ko band karte hain. Skin ki geherai tak safai karte hain aur woh bacteria
jo pimples niklny ka baais bantay hain a noon ko khatam kardete hain. Yeh doono n ajzaa barri aasani se market mein muyassar hain aur bohat faida mand bhi hain is liye pimples ke khatmay ke liye mehngi mehngi krimon ka istemaal band karen aur is qudrati gharelo nuskhay ka istemaal karen .

lemoo ka ras : aik chaye ka chamach
ghulaab ka arq : aik chaye ka chamach
tarkeeb aur tareeqa istemaal
aik piyali mein lemoo ka ras aur ghulaab ka arq daal kar chamach se achi terhan mix karlen. Ab thori si roi le kar usay is mein bigho den. Jab roi poori terhan bhiig jaye to usay chehray par lagayen aur adhay tak laga rehne den. Is ke baad thanday pani se chehray ko dho len. Is
ka istemaal din mein aik dafaa karen. Sirf aik haftay ke istemaal se hi chehray ke pimples aur danay mukammal tor par khatam ho jayen ge aur chehra saaf shafaaf aur qudrati tor par nikhar jaye ga .
Chehray par pimples niklny ki wajohaat mein chehray ka bohat ziyada oily hona ya masamon ka ziyada khula sun-hwa hona hai. Khoraak mein tail, ghee, butter ya ziyada chiknai wali ashya ka istima l- hai. Is ke ilawa aloodgi aur dhool matti wali jaghon par jane se bhi jald par pimples aur keel mahasay waghera nikaltay
hain .

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