How to Clean Your Teeth Naturally


White Teeth in just 10 minutes? Now It’s possible :)
Cleaning With Natural Ingredients Swishing Liquids to Clean Your Teeth Making Natural.
Keeping your teeth clean is important to avoid disease and infection, help you chew food, and to have a bright, healthy smile. Without regular cleaning, bacteria can build up in your mouth and on your teeth causing plaque, which can lead to gum disease and tooth decay. If you’re worried about the artificial ingredients in commercial toothpaste products, you’re not alone. Opponents of commercial, manufactured, essentially non-natural toothpastes focus on fluoride — an ingredient found both in nature and manufactured for consumer use. Fortunately, conscious consumers have discovered several natural “at-home” teeth-whitening methods that can be as effective as fluoride-based solutions. You can learn to mix up a natural toothpaste from basic ingredients, as well as change your habits to keep your teeth clean while you eat.
There is three main methods to clean your teeth naturally
Method 1 of 3: Cleaning With Natural Ingredients
Method 2 of 3: Swishing Liquids to Clean Your Teeth
Method 3 of 3: Making Natural Toothpaste