How to Clean Face At Home | Natural Proper Skin Care Options You Can Try.


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How to Clean Face At Home | Natural Proper Skin Care Options You Can Try.

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Natural Skin Care Options You Can Try►►

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1. Natural Exfoliators.

Sugar/Oil Scrub
Sugar/oil scrub is perfect for most skin types when extra exfoliation is needed. In making the scrub, mix equal parts oil (you may use coconut or olive oil) and sugar (can either be white or brown), then use as a whole body exfoliator.

Lemon contains natural acids that helps tone and exfoliate the skin. It also has anti-bacterial properties that works well for skin infection and pimples.

Lemon juice can also help reduce dark spots and brighten skin. An important reminder, like anything acidic, make sure to dilute with water or if leaving it on overnight, rinse off as soon as possible in the morning.

2. Natural Make-Up Remover.
Liquid Castille Soap
Liquid Castille soap is great for oily skin as it will remove makeup without stripping the natural oil or adding oils to the skin.

Avocado or Olive oil
Plain olive oil and avocado can help remove mascara and make-up but it is not ideal for oily skin. If these oils are still fresh, they are packed with antioxidants and healthy monounsaturated fats that work well in moisturizing the skin.


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