How to Clean EarPods/Apple #AirPods: remove wax cleaning your earphones/earbuds safely – easy!


Fix earbuds low volume problems: clean your EarPods. I found the best way to remove wax from in ear headphones: Blu-tack!
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This video is the result of my personal journey experimenting ways to keep my EarPods sounding good, free from wax/dirt. I am now happy with the last method I tried – which is great since next week Apple will make their AirPods available for purchase :)

Blu-tack is the answer. Maybe you know other similar product, such as Multi Tack, Patafix, Tack-it, Fun-Tak, Poster Putty, Sticky Tack, Gummy Sticker, Sticky Stuff, Poster Tack, Kennaratyggjó, Häftmassa, kludd – apparently, all of them work fine. By far the safest way to remove ear-wax from the metal mesh from your Apple EarPods and AirPods.

The oldest clip in this video was recorded 2 years ago (2014) – when I tried a “super deep clean bath” letting my EarPods immersed in warm water with Vanish, playing music for 10 minutes.

Written, Performed and Produced by Everson Siqueira


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