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How to Brighten Skin is our topic. Through this video, you can learn the way of Dull Skin. Your skin can be damaged by the rays of the sun, the daily use of makeup, chemicals, and the naturally occurring aging process. This can give your skin a dull, tired look that doesn’t express on the outside the bright personality you have on the inside. Give your skin a beautiful glow and lighten it with natural, gentle treatments that have the added benefit of nourishing your skin as well.

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How to Brighten Skin are some below steps:-

1: Gather your ingredients and a blender:-
Clear your work area and wash a ripe papaya and cucumber to remove bacteria or dirt from the skins of both. You will also need to break out your blender or borrow one from a friend. You’ll need it to puree your ingredients into a fine paste. Your total supplies include:
:- Papaya (ripe)
:- Banana
:- Cucumber
:- Bowl (for brightening mixture)
:- Knife
:- Blender

2: Add the ingredients to your blender:-
You should cut your ingredients into the proper proportions, first. Remove the meat of the banana from its encasing skin and divide it in half. Then quarter your papaya and cucumber with a knife. Add all three ingredients to your blender.

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3: Massage the mixture into your face:-
Banana and papaya both have skin fortifying and disinfecting properties that will cleanse your skin and leave it glowing.Use circular motions to massage a thick layer of your mixture onto your skin.

4: Rinse your face after allowing your mixture to set:-
You will want to allow time for the nutrients in your mask to infuse with and impart health benefits to your skin. Papaya has special enzymes in it that exfoliate your skin, and this can leave your skin brighter as a result! Wait for 15 minutes before using warm water to rinse your mixture from your face.

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5: Remove any remaining mixture and close your pores:-
Your warm water rinse should have flushed most of your masque from your skin, now you should rinse one more time with cold water. This will take off any residual mixture that’s still on your skin and close your pores to prevent blockages.
:- Dry your face by patting it dry. Rubbing might cause irritation, or can rub off fibers onto your face.

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