How to Bleach Facial Hair at Home With Natural Ingredients


Margosa or Neem Benefits for Skin

Add margosa leaves to your hot bath water. They will kill germs on the skin especially when chicken pox is affected.

Boil some margosa or neem leaves in water and apply this water on burns for quick relief.

Apply a paste of neem leaves on acne, this clears up your acne pretty fast.

Chew 2 to 3 neem leaves every day followed with a glass of water. This cleans your system internally and improves your body metabolism. Neem leaves clean impurities in your blood and thus gives you a clearer skin. Chewing neem leaves also help with your teeth and bad breath.

Boil neem leaves in some water and pour this water in your bath tub for bathing. This would get rid of your skin disorders. This bath also helps in getting rid of bacteria present at your private parts.

Boil the neem leaves in some water and apply this water on the area that got allergy after this cools down. You can also apply neem paste on your allergies.

You can also use the neem water for face packs, this is great for acne and pimples. Apply neem oil to keep away from bacterial and fungal infections.

Make a neem face pack by making a paste with neem leaves with some water to heal acne and pimples.

Apply neem water, oil, or paste on skin burns, cuts, and injuries, this gives a great relief.

Dry the neem leaves under sun and powder them. Put them in small pouches and keep in cupboards to prevent infestation.