How does Sensodyne Toothpaste Work?


How does Sensodyne Toothpaste Work?

How does Sensodyne Toothpaste Work?

A lot of Dentists recommend Sensodyne Toothpaste because it is the best for sensitive teeth.

Tooth wear can expose dentine tubules. Sensodyne Toothpaste contains novamin that can prevent this sensitivity.

Novamin is the ingredient that makes Sendodyne so successful.

Novamin has the ability to fill any cavities or tiny holes and to seal them.

Novamin can seal enamel and it also enhances the absorption of fluoride.

One of the good things about Novamin is that it is not just a temporary repair to your tooth as it works over periods from hours
to days.

The particles adhere to the surface of the tooth. This is part of the benefit of Novamin.

So Novamin as well as looking exposed tubules over a period of time also produces an enamel like substance that only needs to be topped up occasionally as it is warn.

Eventually it will be worn away and that is why you will need to brush your teeth with sensodyn regularly but not necessarily every day.

Once you have used it for a couple of weeks – in my experience it will last and give your teeth some long lasting protection.
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