Honor 8 Pro Review The BEST iPhone alternative 2017 !


Honor 8 Pro Review The BEST iPhone alternative 2017 !

The Honor 8 is the shiniest smartphone we’ve ever reviewed, with extremely reflective glass that gives off an Aurora-like effect as it bounces light around at all different angles.

This eye-catching Android phone will make you stand out in a crowd, even if its 5.2-inch display is rather flat next to the curvy Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. It’s elegant in its own unique way.

Better yet, for anyone buying a cheap phone, Huawei’s budget-friendly Honor sub-brand brings a lot of the same specs and performance as Samsung’s devices, but at a mid-range price.

It’s a step up from the aluminum Honor 6X and a little more one-hand-friendly compared to the forthcoming (in the UK and Europe) Honor 8 Pro. Neither of these new Honor phones shines like the Honor 8.
Honor 8 costs the same as the recent ZTE Axon 7 and OnePlus 3, and similarly only works on GSM carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile in the US. The OnePlus 3T is in the same class that’s just a little more expensive.

It’s therefore automatically the third wheel due to its later launch date. And illogical software choices – like no app drawer – make it the “Oh, we’re not with him” oddball of the group.
kay, it does other things right. Like the Huawei P9 that never made it Stateside, it thinks outside the box with inventing gesture shortcuts and a dual rear camera that provides sharper than average mid-range photos.

There’s also an IR blaster so your phone can become your TV remote and a rear fingerprint sensor that can be customized with all sorts of single and double-tap shortcuts.

The Honor 8 relies on these novel features to differentiate itself beyond its light-diffracted good looks. Let’s find out if it’s enough to become your next shiny new object.
5.2-inch 1080p LCD looks good, even with fewer pixels than rivals
Auto-brightness didn’t always kick in, leaving us to manually change it
Can adjust color temperature to make it less unnaturally blue
There’s just one complaint: we found ourselves having to manually adjust that brightness slider one too many times when reviewing the Honor 8. The auto-brightness didn’t kick in right away.

There’s no way to fix the ambient light sensor, be we did find a remedy for the phone’s unusually saturated, blue screen, as if this was the anti-Night Shift mode phone.

Huawei includes a number of software tweaks and among them is the ability to finely adjust the color temperature. It’s a relief if your eyes begins to strain. Otherwise, everything looks extra white, like Huawei applied Crest White Strips to give the display an unnatural teeth whitening glow.