Homemade Teeth Whitener


Hand crafted Teeth Whitener.

Tooth recoloring is only a piece of life for espresso and tea consumers. Eating desserts can likewise blur your silvery whites.

Instead of utilization chemicals to recover your grin, attempt this custom made teeth whitener formula. It’s totally characteristic, purging and works awesome!

Hand crafted Teeth Whitener:.

Add up to TIME: 2 MINUTES.

SERVES: 1-2.


*1 tsp preparing pop

*1 crushed strawberry

*3 drops lemon fundamental oil


1.Mix preparing pop with strawberry until the point when a glue shapes.

2.Add in basic oil drops. Put glue blend on your toothbrush and brush teeth for 2 minutes.

3.Rinse mouth and brush teeth with ordinary tooth glue.

4.Use promptly in the wake of getting ready fixings. May store in refrigerated space for an extra 1-3 days. Blend before each utilization.

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