[Healthy Life]How to Remove Plaque from Teeth Naturally | 10 Ways to Get Rid Of Plaque on Teeth


[Healthy Life]How to Remove Plaque from Teeth Naturally | 10 Ways to Get Rid Of Plaque on Teeth.
Live healthy, live longer
Making just a few changes in your lifestyle can help you live longer.
Fortunately, you can do something to correct these and other unhealthy behaviors. Adopt the following nine habits to keep your body looking and feeling young.How to Remove Plaque from Teeth Naturally At Home:

Here are 10 Natural Home Remedies to get rid of Plaque from teeth!!

1. Baking soda

The bleaching effect produced by baking soda can help remove discoloration and also the hard deposits that form of the gums. To make an effective home remedy, mix a heap of baking soda with a pinch of salt and add few drops of water to make a paste. Apply the paste to the teeth using a toothbrush and rinse off completely. Repeat the procedure at regular intervals till the whiteness of your teeth is restored.

2. Salsa

The fiery hot sauce from the Mexican cuisine not just adds spice to your food but is effective at cleansing your teeth as well. Salsa sauces stimulate the secretion of saliva which when combined with the active ingredients of the sauce such as salt, chilies, tomato etc. form an active plaque removal compound.

3. Pineapple

Rich in vitamin C, pineapples are the perfect super foods for an overall oral hygiene. Besides preventing gum disease, pineapples also help cleanse the teeth of plaque and tartar. Simply include a few portions of pineapple to your daily diet to remove the deposits and discoloration resulting from plaque.

4. Green Tea

It has been known for centuries that consuming tea on a regular basis is one of the best home remedies for getting rid of plaque. Also when used as a hot rinse, green tea can be effective at removing the yellow phosphates formed on the surface of the teeth that cause discoloration. To prepare the hot rinse, brew the tea at least for six minutes to extract all the fluorides and use it when it’s lukewarm to get the best results.

5. Aloe Vera Scrub

To effectively clean tartar at home without having to undergo painful dental procedures, aloe can be the perfect ingredient. Mix half a cup of baking soda in a cup of water, and add one teaspoon of aloe gel, four teaspoons of vegetable glycerin, and few drops of lemon oil to create a rinse liquid. Use it to cleanse mouth every day to remove calculus on teeth.

6. Green Leafy Vegetables

Lack of a balanced diet, especially one that does not include a lot of vegetables can accelerate plaque formation. So, counter the formation of plaque by consuming raw leafy greens such as cabbage, lettuce, spinach, etc, which possess natural enzymes that retard the formation of plaque. Also they help in keeping the gums healthy.

7. Sesame Oil Rinse

A technique that has gained widespread popularity due to its numerous health benefits is oil pulling.It is believed that the technique can eliminate toxins from the body and ensure a picture perfect oral hygiene. To perform oil pulling, take one teaspoon of sesame seed oil and rinse your mouth for 20 minutes on an empty stomach. This will flush out all the toxins, plaque and tartar deposited in your teeth and gums.

8. Apple Cider Vinegar

Of the numerous health benefits Apple cider vinegar has to offer, oral hygiene tops the list. The mild acidic action of vinegar serves to cleanse plaque, remove bad odor and also provide relief from toothache. Though an undiluted preparation will increase the efficiency, it recommended to dilute the vinegar to prevent a sore throat later.

9. Cheese

Contrary to popular belief, cheese is actually quite beneficial to health when consumed in smaller proportions. In terms of oral hygiene, it is one of the best home remedies for getting rid of plaque and tartar. It can destroy cavity causing bacteria and protect the enamel of the tooth. Just take a small chunk of cheese right after a meal to ensure healthy teeth for a lifetime.

10. Orange Peel

Another vitamin C rich remedy that’s sure to knock plaque right out of your teeth. Simply rub freshly obtained orange peels directly on to the teeth and gums and allow it act overnight. Rinse off in the morning to see visibly clean and whiter teeth. The technique also helps to remove yellowish stains on teeth.