Harmony Life Teeth Whitening Kit Review


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A moderate change in tooth color, some sensitivity, but easy and inexpensive whitening. Amazon Affiliate Product Link:

This teeth whitening kit contains 14 individual packs of whitening strips pairs for your top and bottom teeth. You’re supposed to use 1 pair of strips everyday for 2 weeks straight. In addition to the strips, you’ll receive a color chart so you can track the progress of your whitening and compare the results before and after. Before you start, compare your teeth to the chart and find your number. They claim that the average improvement is about 10 shades.

In each packet there are two strips: the longer strip is for your upper teeth. Wear the strips for 30 mins once a day every day for 14 consecutive days. After wearing the strips, you’ll experience some sensitivity to hot and cold foods. But this sensation will fade over time. Try using these before bed to minimize any discomfort. The peroxide in the strips also tends to burn if you get it on your gums so try not to stick the strips too far over the edge of your teeth.

Overall the strips were easy to apply, effective and convenient to use. In my trial, according to the chart, to the best of my ability to match the colors the change went from shade 21 to shade 9. They’re not super bright white, but there is a difference in color. These are a low cost way to brighten your smile and remove staining from tea and coffee.

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