Give Your hair A New Life | Homemade Shampoo For Dandruff, Hairfall And Hair Re-growth


Give Your hair A New Life | Homemade Shampoo For Dandruff And Hair Re-growth

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Triphala Powder :
Triphala Tablets :
Bhringraj (Fals Daisy) Powder :
Fenugreek Seeds :
Green Tea :
Vitamin E Oil :
Curry Leaves Dried :

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In this video we will be sharing the recipe for a 100% natural homemade shampoo
Our hair face pollution, dust and dirt everyday, which weakens the hair and it also cause grey hair, hair fall and dandruff.
when these problems happen, we tend to use the shampoo from the market which contain chemicals and make the situation worse.
Most of the shampoo available in the market are detergent based whether they are herbal shampoo or keratin and protein shampoo
Most of the shampoo contain harmful chemicals to make them smell good, have lather and to have a thick consistency.
When we use any cream, oil or shampoo then because of the chemicals we see their effects instantly and think that these products are working great
But when we use those products for a longer time then steadily we realise that the problem grows even more instead of getting fixed
So in this video we will share a very easy recipe to make homemade shampoo so that we can cure the problems related to our hair once and for all