Get Glowing Skin in 10 mins with this DIY Lemon and Salt Face Scrub f


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Lemon, as we have seen in our previous blogs and videos, has multitude of benefits to offer to our health. But did you know you can use this miraculous food as a quick and highly effective face scrub as well? All you need is a little bit of lemon and salt or sugar, and in just 10 minutes you have an economical, quick yet highly effective method to look younger, and keep your skin glowing and radiant. Lemon, a natural anti-ageing ingredient, acts an astringent and gently removes dead skin cells away. While Salt has antibacterial properties and the gritty texture of fine salt crystals help exfoliate dead skin cells, reduce inflammations, and relax face muscles. You may add Yogurt, Honey, or Olive Oil to make the face pack more beneficial and interesting. While Yogurt and Honey will add a soothing effect and exfoliate the face, olive oil will keep the skin moist and fresh. You may also add herbs or lavender for better smell and impact.
For this scrub all you need is:
– Half a cup of Sea Salt or Epsom Salt. If your skin is sensitive to the coarse nature of salt, you can use sugar of the same amount.
– 1 large lemon
– 1 spoon of Unsweetened Yogurt, if you have sensitive skin, or else, Olive oil, if you have dry skin.
– Half a spoon of Honey
– Herbs or Lavender (optional)
1. Grind the salt (or sugar) evenly to ensure it doesn’t scratch your face, put it in a bowl, and squeeze the lemon into the salt.
2. Now, add Yogurt or Olive Oil, as per your choice, to the mixture.
3. Add half a spoon of Honey along with lavender or herbs.
4. Now use a spoon or your fingers to mix the contents into a paste-like consistency. Rinse your face clean and pat it dry.
5. Gently massage the scrub into your skin for several minutes, taking care to avoid contact with your eyes.
6. Leave the scrub on your face for as long as 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly and pat your skin dry again.
If you have any leftover scrub, massage it into your hands to buff away rough patches.
Thanks to a combo of natural ingredients, this lemon-and-salt (or sugar) scrub helps hydrate skin and make your face glow in ten minutes flat. Seriously, it’s that awesome. Just ensure that you use it at night before bedtime.

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