FREE Virtual US Bank Account (Amazon payments and more!)


Wondering how to open a US bank account online for Amazon KDP royalty payments, or to receive payments from other marketplaces? Consider supporting us by signing up through our affiliate link here: I’ve been using this service for almost a year and haven’t had a single problem. If you live outside the US and are tired of waiting for payment checks to arrive, then Payoneer is the answer. Keep reading to learn about some of the advantages of Payoneer over other ways of receiving money and getting paid online..

* when you sign up for a free account, activated when your balance reaches 0.

If I have a friend or know someone who is a freelancer or manages a small business, I always recommend Payoneer to them.
Living in Canada, South Africa or Australia is a problem because you don’t have an American or a Euro bank account to receive Amazon payments, Freelancer, Etsy Business, ClickBank, Google or payments from other online marketplaces.You can add your Payoneer bank account details to any online marketplace or request money from clients easily! Spend using your Payoneer Mastercard or withdraw directly to your local bank account and the fees are reasonable.

So, if you’re a small business owner or freelancer, live outside the US, UK or Europe and you need to open a US, EU, JPY or UK bank account, you’ve learned first hand how difficult it is getting your money without paying large fees or waiting a long, long time for that elusive check to arrive. for me receiving Amazon royalty payments in South Africa using Payoneer has been a great experience.

This is why I recommend Payoneer. It allows me and others outside of US or Europe to create a virtual bank account that acts the same as a normal American or European bank account. This way you avoid receiving checks or expensive wire transfers for work done or products sold. So if you are wondering how to open a us bank account for non residents for etsy business or if you need a virtual bank account for Amazon then Payoneer makes things a whole lot easier!

You don’t need to wonder how to open a us virtual bank account anymore, it’s easy. Get a US or Euro bank account and get paid quickly and be more productive!

To me, that’s the main advantage. But there are others … It allows you to send and receive money to 150 countries all over the world, including some where Paypal doesn’t work.

Oh, and speaking of Paypal, who isn’t fed up of all of their hidden fees? Payoneer becomes one of the simplest and cheapest ways to send money online because it’s upfront about all of its fees
and doesn’t charge anything over 10 USD, which is fantastic for sending large amounts of money internationally online.

There’s another major advantage of a Payoneer account over other online payment systems. If you regularly transfer money from an online payment system to your bank account, unlike other online payment methods, the wire transfer will be finished in a matter of hours – not 2 to 4 days.

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