Food Allergy Pulse Test. Food Sensitivity Testing At Home.


The Coca Pulse Test.
Can you do your own food intolerance testing?
Yes, you can.
In the 1950s, Dr. Arthur Coca identified that his wife’s heart rate would increase if she ate a food to which her body reacted.
This is not a science, but if correlated with certain symptoms will give you some important knowledge; plus it is still effective and low cost method if you’d like to self-diagnose.

Special notes:
==Heart medications such as beta blockers may impact the results.
==Smoking and Alcolhol (alcohol even the next day) dramatically impacts the results of this test, so if you are a smoker, you must stop smoking prior to using this method or your results will not be conclusive.
==In the initial test, you will take your pulse 14 times a day for a 3 day period.
==When you count your pulse, do it for the full 60 seconds (not just 15 seconds and multiply by 4.)
==Take pulse when sitting down, except for first pulse taken while still lying down in bed.

The Initial Test:

*Take your pulse during these times for three days:
-prior to getting out of bed
-before each meal
-three times after each meal at 30 mins, 60 mins, and 90 mins after finishing
-just before going to bed
Interpreting Results
Your morning pulse should be the lowest of the day. Unless you are allergic or reactive to something on which you are sleeping. (Pillow, fabric softener, sheets, carpet, dust mites, pet that sleeps with you, etc.)
If your pulse goes up noticeably after you get up from bed, you could be reacting to something like your toothpaste, shaving lotion, shampoo, or make-up.
Determine your highest and lowest pulse rates over the three days. Your highest “non reactive” pulse rate should be no more than 15 beats above your lowest point. Anything above that point is questionable and mostly likely an indication that you are having a reaction. So, if your lowest point is 60, then anything above 75 is a red flag.

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