Fluoride Free Vegan Oral Care ft. David’s Naturals, EcoDent, Well Scent, etc.//TheGreenQueen


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Hey everyone! I am finally sharing my favorite oral care products, and a little look into my routine. It’s been a long time coming, and I finally feel comfortable with the products I am using on my teeth!

Products start @ 2:48

Products Mentioned:
Toothbrush (3:08)-
+Wowe Bamboo Brush: https://www.amazon.com/Natural-Bamboo-Toothbrush-Individually-Numbered/dp/B00UYFH6YO

Floss (3:48)-
+EcoDent Vegan Floss: http://www.iherb.com/pr/Eco-Dent-GentleFloss-Mint-100-yds-91-44-m/36777?rcode=NQF847

Tooth powders (5:10)-
+EcoDent Dazzling Mint: http://www.iherb.com/pr/Eco-Dent-ExtraBrite-Tooth-Whitener-without-Fluoride-Dazzling-Mint-2-oz-56-g/13632?rcode=NQF847
+EcoDent Original Mint: http://www.iherb.com/pr/Eco-Dent-Daily-Care-Baking-Soda-Toothpowder-Original-Mint-2-oz-56-g/8895?rcode=NQF847
+*Clean Living Collection Sage & Mint: http://www.cleanlivingcollection.com/product/tooth-powder/
+*Bed Rock & Bloom Smart Ash: https://www.petitvour.com/collections/bedrock-bloom/products/bedrock-bloom-smart-ash-all-natural-organic-teeth-whitener-detoxifier?aff=32

Toothpastes (9:43)
+David’s Natural Toothpaste:
It’s .95 from Integrity Botanicals: http://shrsl.com/?gp4a
or from Petit Vour:https://www.petitvour.com/collections/davids/products/davids-premium-natural-toothpaste?aff=32
(*It should be noted, that David’s did send me two tubes, but I have also purchased one from Petit Vour. I had to make sure I had a back up, haha. That’s how good this stuff is!)
+Dr. Brite Mint Toothpaste: https://www.drbrite.com/products/toothpaste-organic-natural-whitening-vegan-fluoride-free?variant=19693029318
+Desert Essence Mint Toothpaste: http://www.iherb.com/pr/Desert-Essence-Natural-Tea-Tree-Oil-Toothpaste-Mint-6-25-oz-176-g/3572?rcode=NQF847

Essential Oils (15:40)-
+*Well Scent Watch Your Mouth: https://well-scent.com/product/watch-your-mouth-2/?affiliates=46
+Well Scent Watch Your Mouth for Kids: https://well-scent.com/product/watch-your-mouth-for-kids/?affiliates=46
(These contain about 85 drops!)

+Mouthwash (17:20)
Dr. Brite Cleansing Mouth Rinse: https://www.drbrite.com/products/revitalizing-mouth-rinse-mint?variant=19693145670

Thanks for watching, hope you guys enjoyed! xo

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