Fluffy Body Wash Slime DIY (MakeitMonday) Making Body Wash Slime (Mens Body Wash Slime)


Fluffy Body Wash Slime DIY (MakeitMonday) Making Body Wash Slime (Mens Body Wash Slime)

Hey Ohana welcome back to my channel and today we are making body wash slime!! I thought this would be a really fun slime to make because the it smells so good and who doesn’t love body wash! This body was slime is very slippery and will slip right out of your hand if you play with it too much, but it will have your hands smelling good for hours. You can use any body wash you like to make this slime. I just decided to use a men’s body wash for this slime because I mostly use soap in the shower. I barely keep body wash around the house for me. If you would like I could do a woman’s body wash slime. I would love the smell of this slime all over my hands. I know this slime may not be for everyone, but you should try to make it.

Well who knew body wash and glue could make a really good smelling slime that is not only pretty but smells super good! Congrats to all the winners in my slime giveaway! I will be picking winners for my slime kit giveaway so good luck to all the winners in that giveaway as well. The slime winners were all picked random by me and I took into consideration all the winners from my other giveaway, so if you are interested in my other giveaways please follow me on Instagram. I am trying to be more active on the platform, but to be honest I prefer youtube over all of them. I don’t know why I just think youtube is a great platform in so many ways. Well this body was slime is really fun to play with and it will last about a week and even longer if you keep it in a airtight container. Trust me your hands will smell super good…

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