🍳Is ur hair really oily? In the summer esp, my hair gets oilier faster :( Mud cleans ur hair BEAUTIFULLY!! DONT go out and dig some mud from the yard to wash your hair (its not that kinda mud)! ALL YOU NEED:
✅BENTONITE CLAY (the tub im using in this video is 1 POUND of clay for ) you can also use the indian aztec healing clay for this as well
✅WATER (free)
🍦Mix the two until creamy it should spray out of a hair colour applicator bottle ( from beauty supply store) – the bottle should have a cap so u can seal it and keep it in your shower to reuse! – i personally try to use this in place of shampoo as much as i can! I try not to wash my hair as much, but lets say I wash my hair twice a month, one of those two times will be with this, and the other with shampoo
💆🏽Apply to scalp ONLY (do this in the shower since its replacing shampoo)
leave on for a few mins (do what u gotta do in the shower)
rinse out
condition – i use agave (i have a vid on this..its in the same row as this vid, 5 vids down)
💁🏽Continue living your life
The cool thing about this “shampoo” is that you can use it to wash your face too!
😍your hair will not get as oily and your scalp will be SO HEALTHY. healthy scalp = healthy hair

FOR ALL HAIR TYPES! YES INCLUDING NATURAL!! Curly hair types are gonna LOVE this… youre all gonna love this Trusssss miiiii😛
🙌🏽Tip: if you have dry hair, that has a lot of buildup on the scalp, add a few drops of your favourite oil into the mixture (this goes for natural hair as well)

Bentonite clay is like a vacuum for toxins that are in our body! Toxins = positively charged, Bentonite clay = negatively charged, so its literally like a magnet!! helps to absorb all the oil from your scalp and doesnt have any harsh ingredients like a shampoo so your scalp wont go into over production of oil = no more oily hair!
helps stop scalp itch!
removes buildup and any yuckiness that is left behind on your scalp from conditioners or styling products
helps to condition the hair and make it soft and shiny
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