Exciting Brands of ShiftCon 2018


Coming from Holley’s sunny room, we talk about some of the companies that we loved from the ShiftCon conference that we recently went to. We like what these companies are doing and providing…

*** Beautycounter – https://theprimaldesire.com/buy-beautycounter

You know that we love their products and how they are trying to improve the beauty industry as a whole.

*** Replenology – https://Replenology.com

A new company targeting 21 pathways known to be involved in hair loss to promote hair thickening and hair regrowth. They use organic ingredients when possible and are providing a new way to combat alopecia!

*** Just Thrive Probiotics – httpe://www.theprimaldesire.com/justthrive

Unlike other probiotics, we can really get behind this one. And we have! Basically, this has the potential to really improve your health.

*** NutriGold – http://geni.us/NutriGold

Unlike a lot of products available in the supplement and natural product industry, NutriGold does third-party testing and hold themselves up to high standards. They use organic ingredients as much as they can, and really seem to care about the quality of their products.

*** Astavita – http://geni.us/Astavita

These guys were super entertaining. Plus they’ve got a product that we’ve been curious about: Astaxanthin.

*** Earth Mama – https://earthmamaorganics.com/

They have a number of products that are clean and geared towards mothers and pregnant women. Holley is excited about their natural deodorant.

*** Oral Essentials – http://geni.us/OralEssentials

Safer oral health products (teeth whiteners, toothpastes, and mouthwashes). Their toothpastes don’t mess up your tastebuds – you can drink orange juice or wine after brushing your teeth!

*** Vital Proteins – https://www.vitalproteins.com/

Collagen powders from grass-fed, pasture-raised cows!

*** Organic Valley – http://geni.us/OrganicValley

Organic, sustainable practice, 100% grass-fed, small farm coop producing high-quality products including grass-fed ghee!

*** Mountain Rose Herbs – http://geni.us/MountainRoseHerbs

Some great essential oils and personal care products made with organic sustainably produced ingredients.

*** SeaSnax – http://geni.us/SeaSnax

Delicious, quick, healthy seaweed snacks!

*** Ned Bell’s book Lure – http://geni.us/Lure

Celebrity Chef, Ned Bell has an incredible recipe book out. This guy really cares about quality ingredients and amazing flavor. No, he wasn’t at the conference, but Holley wanted to share that as a side note….

*** Made in Nature – http://geni.us/MadeInNature

Non-GMO, organic food products. They have a multitude of food to try!

*** Betsy’s Best – http://geni.us/BetsysBest

This woman’s brand is amazing. It (and she) is sooooo cute! Her nut butters are so good!

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