Essential Oil Basics – My 3 favorite daily oils


To buy Therapeutic grade Edible Essential Oils:

– go to or click –
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– click “Start shopping” (after setting “English” and “United states” our country)
– click “Essential Oils” under products on left, then “single oils” for single oils find Lemon, Clove, or Peppermint below
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There is a sign up fee that is waved if you buy a kit with 10 oils (at the wholesale price) and you will get a free phone consult with Bill. I recommend the family essentials kit and any of the kits will give you access to free classes as well. (email for info)

You can find it by going to:
– click “shop for products” in the top right
– click “Begin shopping” (after setting “English” and “United states”)
– click kits
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Essential oils 101: Peppermint essential oil, clove essential oil, and lemon essential oil

I like lemon because it can be helpful for all sorts of sickness such as runny nose, coughs, allergies, bad breath and other germs in the mouth and a bunch of other things that I’ll have in the blog. I mainly like it for a daily detox as lemon is good to help clear out toxins and when I travel I put a couple drops in the water to be sure the water is free of bacteria and parasites since it’s antibacterial. It also support the elimination of parasites that enter your system from food. It has all the benefits of lemons such as antioxidants. It also helps to remove petrochemicals. What this means is chemicals like BPA that we are exposed to every day with things like bottled water. Don’t put this in any plastic container, as it will eat through them, only use in glass or stainless steal.

Clove essential oil I use this for healthy teeth and gums, great for breath and Gargling with it can help with throat pain or irritation, I mainly use it to floss my teeth, killing bacteria in between my teeth and gums, and I add a couple drops to my coconut oil when I oil pull. This is used in ayurvedic medicine for toothaches and cavities. It’s also helpful to fight against a candida overgrowth, for acme, for immunity to fight against disease, headaches and stress, and a few other things that you can see in the blog for this video.

Peppermint essential oil is used as an antiseptic I use it in my toothpaste and deodorant and you can see my videos on those. I use it by putting a couple drops on my fingertips, rubbing it together to warm it up and then putting it under my arms and this helps with detox and killing germs, including the germs that will create a bad odor when you sweat. Because the underarms are a place of elimination and detox is why it’s so important not to use antiperspirants and commercial deodorants that have parabens, aluminum and other toxic ingredients because they keep all the things your body is trying to get rid of in your bloodstream. I also use peppermint anytime I have a headache and put it on my temples and behind my ears and down my neck. Just don’t get this near your eyes as it will burn. It’s also great for nausea as well as an energy boost and mental alertness.

Warnings are that they can cause skin irritation, and other issues. I recommend testing these on your. Check with your doctor before using especially Pregnant women and children. Clove and peppermint especially can cause issues during pregnancy. Lemon is considered phototoxic meaning it increases the effects of the sun so don’t use that on your skin before going into the sun.

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