Epic Xyitol Spearmint Flavored Mouthwash 16-Ounce


This is my personal opinion on the product epic xyitol spearmint flavored mouthwash 16-ounce.
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Delicious and bacteria-killing. Makes my mouth feel fresh.
I quite like this, and will likely it again. The only thing is I have 4 dogs and the sugar substitute is deadly poisonous to the I probably manage that, but accidents happen and I would be devastated… Just saying :(
This does help, and gives a clean It is not strong, so if have dragon breath will need something stronger than However, it is nice to teeth and gums where it will burn. I’m happy with it.
I love this product, I am used to buying 2 packs & this looked a 2 turned to be one bottle. I paid way to much with the shipping for this particular order!
The description photo shows 2 bottles, or so I thought. Apparently, it is the front and back of the same So I received really wanted 2. I’ll reorder.
Works as it should.
Delivered on time and have been VERY impressed with this Others are even noticing my whiter Thanks!
Best won’t scope agin. Fresher gentler, and actually good for and teeth.
Great stuff to with dry spray it during the night to from a small bottle.
Only my 10 year old will Doesn’t have a mint taste.

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