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Are you disgusted with shelling out heard earned $$$ on disposable blades?
Are you tired of the pulling and tugging that accompanies using a multi-blade cartridge razor? Sick of battling razor rash and ingrown hairs? Learn how to shave like your Father and Grandfather did! Yes, The old way is the best way!!!
For those new to Safety Razor Wet Shaving, Here is a description of how it’s done:
How To Shave with a Safety Razor: A shave using a Safety Razor, Badger Brush, and Shaving Cream or Soap From a Tub.
A) Shower with Hot Water & Wash Beard with Soap
B) Soak Badger Brush in Cup of Hot Water while showering
C) Shake off brush leave it damp
D) Apply shaving cream to Tips of Badger Brush
E) Mix lather from a tub or tube in a bowl
F) Apply Hot Water to Beard/Do Not Dry Off
G) Apply Shaving Cream or Shaving Soap to Beard
H) Very Gently apply the razor to your face at a 30 degree angle.
1) First Pass Straight Down With The Grain
2) Second Pass From Ear to Nose Across The Grain
3) Third Pass: From Nose to Ear with a Slight Upward Motion.
Or, if you prefer/South to North against the grain
4) Rinse with Hot then Cold Water.
5) Apply Your Favorite After Shave Lotion or Cream/Preferably Alcohol Free.
6) Now You’re Ready to Conquer the World!!!!!
Thanks for watching How to Shave with a Safety Razor 23c and 34c.
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