Drink this to whiten skin – Miracle Drink


Have you ever wondered how to whiten your skin without using any chemicals or cream? This drink is what you need to whiten your skin from within to get that radiant skin you have been looking for.

What you need for this drink is very easy and you can get it from fruit market, super market or farmer’s market anywhere you are.


1.Beet Root
3. Carrot
4. Water

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2 bowls
Glass cup


– Wash yout beet root, apple and carrots and place them in a bowl
– Chop your ingredients into a separate bowl using a knife.
– Empty the chopped beet root, apple and carrots into a blender.
– Add clean water to make the blending easy.
– Blend
– Turn it into your glass cup

Your miracle drink is ready and you can easily whiten your skin from inside out.


– Drink with empty stomach at least one hour before breakfast.

Drink at least twice a week for effective results. You can also drink it everyday since it does not have any side effect.

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This video is about DIY drink to whiten skin from inside out using miracle drink.

Benefit of beet roots on the skin

For Radiant Skin

Mix fresh grated beets with sour cream, apply as a mask, let it dry and rinse off with cool water. This will effectively refresh and bring life to dull skin.

Beet Facial Toner

Combine one beet with 1/2 cup chopped cabbage and ΒΌ cup of water in a blender. Blend well and pour into an ice cube tray until ice cubes are formed. Any time you want to rejuvinate your skin, rub one ice cube over your face. The results are amazing!

Beet Juice For Skin Nourishment

This is the most valuable juice for the formation of red blood cells and to overall purify blood. Beetroot juice also supplies adequate nutrients to skin cells. Mix beet juice with carrot juice and drink 1-2 glasses a day. It will help you to recover quickly after a serious illness, depression or during periods of heavy physical activity. For women this mix is a great source for beauty and a healthy skin glow. It is also a great natural remedy for high blood pressure and neurosis.

Beets to Eliminate and Prevent Cellulite

Grate 3 medium beets, add 3 tablespoons of raw honey and 1 tsp. ground black pepper. Apply this mixture to problem areas, then wrapping the area with kitchen cellophane. Leave it on for 30 minutes and rinse it off. Repeat this once a week. The skin becomes smooth and the visible signs of cellulite disappear.