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Glow Medical & Dental Center LLC (“GMDC”) started operations in 2011 as a Dental Center in Dubai, UAE. Backed with high class dental infrastructure and fraternity of doctors, GMDC has grown rapidly into multiple site locations based in the Dubai Media City and Dubai Internet City. The state of the art facility delivers Medical & Dental services through experienced Doctors, management, certified nursing and skilled administration staff. Its dental & medical systems are the best amongst industry leaders. At GMDC, focus is to deliver excellent patient care with cost effective plans that best fit the patients without any compromise on the final treatment.

Recent research shows that teeth problems are very common especially in adults- 92% of adults have dental caries in their permanent teeth and around 20 to 64 have an average of 3.28 decayed permanent teeth. You shouldn’t ignore them. If you feel denture pain, bad breath and dry mouth your first step should be to the professional dentist because any teeth problem can cause embarrassment and extra cost. Here are some points to help you deal with the most common problems of the mouth.

General Teeth Care
Remember that you must go your dental specialist every six months for the proper checkup and follow professional’s advice. Well, daily teeth care task include; floss once a day and brush your teeth at least twice a day, avoid smoke and don’t use too much sugar and any form of tobacco. These are the most vital step that you can help you to protect your teeth. However, fruits and vegetables are very helpful for the health of teeth. Make sure you are getting proper quantity of vitamin D, which can be found in eggs, fish and among other foods.

Bad Breath
If you feel bad breath your next should be to the Dental Care center. There are a few steps that can help to reduce the problem. The first and of course most important is brushing and flossing your teeth. If you do not feel better, here can cavities problems and gum disease that require proper treatment. So, you should go a professional dental clinic. Don’t use foods that can cause bad breath in which includes; meat, garlic, and onions. And try to use vitamin C such as berries, melons, strawberry and good smell vegetables. You can take coffee and other good flavor drinks. You should not rely on only breath fresheners. If you’re looking for the specialized and experienced dental care center in Dubai, there is no one better than Glow medicals Ltd.

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