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Interview Transcript:

What advances have been made in Cosmetic Dentistry to save me time, money and let me smile without being ridiculed for my looks? This is a question I get asked on a regular basis.

Finding the right minimally invasive dental solution for aesthetically enhancing your smile can be a tall order and leave you feeling overwhelmed but if you know what to look out for it does not have to be like this.

Whilst researching the most appropriate solution to achieve their desired outcome the major factors are usually Time, Cost and Appearance. In todays busy social and business lifestyle whether they are a professionals or a mother searching for a cosmetic solution to suit their specific needs it can seem like an impossible task especially if their requirements are that the process is quicker, cheaper and looks better compared to traditional orthodontic treatments.

When assessing their options the only question to ask the dental professional should be whether he is a Smilefast accredited provider, it is literally that simple.

To assist their decision making process even further I would like to leave your viewers with 3 important insights they can use to make this task simpler.

Insight No. 1: The Smilefast system can deliver their desired results usually in around 6-9 months time instead of the traditional 18-24 months needed for a full orthodontic treatment plan. This huge timesaving alone means far less inconvenience to their everyday lifestyle. We all understand that for a person undergoing a Smile Makeover treatment the sooner it is finished the better.

Insight No. 2: Due to the latest innovations and modern technology used by the Smilefast system the cost of the average treatment is usually reduced by around 30% when compared to traditional Orthodontic treatments currently available. Lets be frank here, who wouldn’t want to save around 30% on the traditionally expensive orthodontic options to straighten your teeth. This huge saving is attributed to the digital placement of the braces to ensure a faster and more beneficial result.

Insight No. 3: A high importance on undertaking orthodontic treatment for any adult is the appearance of the appliance, after all they want to continue with their social life and career progression. The mindful steps, employed by Smilefast, of using clear braces and tooth coloured wires greatly reduces the unsightly traditional image of a mouth full of silver which is what most people have been forced to except and been ridiculed for in the past.

With our dedication towards Smile Makeovers using the Smilefast system we focus on producing optimally enhanced Smiles for Life. For those wishing to discover more, they can visit SmileFast.com.au where they can find a full list of accredited practitioners.

Or they can call us direct on 1300 447 448

Ensuring our patients achieve healthy stunning smiles they cannot wait to show off is our key towards success and we achieve our goal one glamorous smile at a time.