Does a toothbrush REALLY need to be connected to an app? Is this the best Christmas gadget?


#ad when I was sent the new Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart 9300 Rechargeable Toothbrush, I was curious to see why they called it a Smart Toothbrush and does a toothbrush really need to be connected to an app?I saw that it has wireless charging, uses Bluetooth to connect to an app and has sensors that tell you where to brush – that is a lot of technology built into a toothbrush so there has to be so much more to this Philips toothbrush than just a vibrating head….I put it to the test and review to see if this is the best Christmas gadget you can buy.

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Lets connect:

let me ask you do you use one of these
or perhaps one of these my guess is not
but yet around the house there is one
piece of equipment that we use on a
daily basis, in fact twice a day, that you
probably haven’t given a second thought to
and it hasn’t been upgraded since it was
invented. I’m talking about the good old
toothbrush. Yes you might have upgraded
that to one of those vibrating heads
toothbrush but is that really taking
advantage of all the new technologies we
have I don’t think so and Philips
doesn’t think so so let me show you what
they’ve come up with that is really
basically life-changing so this is the
Philips Sonicare 9300 Diamond Clean
Smart yes it’s a bit of a mouthful to
say but it’s smart and what I mean by
smart is not just that it has a vibrating head
and not that it is just rechargeable but
it’s actually got an accompanying app
and that app makes all the difference
between knowing what’s going on inside
your mouth when you’re cleaning and what
isn’t and then that’s the cool
technology that I want to show you now
so firstly it starts with the case so in
this case is a cool hard-shelled carry
case and also comes with these
additional heads and the purpose of the
heads is that each one of them does a
different job so one is for gum cleaning
ones for teeth whitening and one is for
good old just plaque removal I suppose
So how cool is this? this is in fact the
charging station you simply drop it
inside your cup and it uses wireless
charging to charge the toothbrush when
you’re not using it now that’s pretty
Now as you grab your toothbrush you’ll
see that it automatically knows what
mode it needs to be in. In this
particular option it got clean whitener
gum health and then a deep clean now
based on the head that you put on it
automatically will select the right mode
that it needs to be in and of course
swapping the heads is as simple as
taking the old one off and putting the
new one basically on. Let’s get to the
good bit now as you switch on your
toothbrush it will make a Bluetooth
connection to the app and you can see it
tells you exactly which area of the
mouth to focus on which area the mouth
to start with and you can set it left
and right top and bottom wherever you
prefer to start and you can see it tells
you to do the outside section then do
the inside section so if you put it on
the inside it will show you that if you
put on the outside it will tell you that
as you saw on the screen if you’re using
too much motion it will tell you that as
well to slow down and actually get that
correct amount of pressure as well so if
you put too much pressure it will tell
you to reduce pressure
what happens when you ignore a region of
the mouth? what does it actually do? so in
this particular case I ignored one
section and it colors it in this ugly
yellow color which forces you to go back
and make sure you touch up that
particular section as well
right now that you’re done it’s an asks
you a couple of questions like did you
floss this time? did you use mouthwash?
and did you clean your tongue and all
these go towards working out your
overall well-being of your mouth now as
everything is logged you can actually go
back and see where you are putting too much
pressure so you know that in future to
use much less pressure around that area
if you’re scrubbing too hard and to make
sure that you’ve covered your entire
mouth every time you can also have a log
running total of morning and night to
make sure that you are brushing twice a
day and all of this is just holding you
accountable to make sure you’re doing
the right things so what I like
about the Sonicare product is that it
actually changes your behavior because
of the app because of the point system…