Do not throw the egg shell out ever again!


Why You Should Never throw the egg shell away ever again!

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It is estimated that 90% of the shell is composed of calcium is beneficial to the bones, the cardiovascular system and for the teeth.

Now look at some different uses of the eggshells:

Detoxify the body
The nutrients contained in the egg shells are able to stimulate the elimination of toxins in the body.

5 eggshells
3 liters of water Preparation
Wash well and crush the eggshells to a powder
and mix it with three liters of water in a jar. Store this mixture for 7 days before starting their consumption.

consumption mode
After the recommended time, take 2 cups a day to complete the 3 liters.

Syrup eggshell to stimulate the thyroid
When the shells mix with ingredients like lemon and honey, we obtain a natural syrup to combat cough and other symptoms of cold and flu.

8 eggshells 5 lemons
1 liter of honey bees
1 liter of water

Wash well and crush the eggshells to turn flour. Squeeze the juice of lemons and place them in a bowl with the flour of the eggshells.
Refrigerate until softened and then add water and a liter of honey. Mix everything in one container and let stand for 7 days in a cool, dry place.

consumption mode
Take one tablespoon three times a day, every day, after every meal.
You can continue to consume the same dose to relieve symptoms.

exfoliating home
Clearly, in texture, the eggshells may also be used in the preparation of a natural exfoliating.

Its application facilitates the elimination of dead cells to leave skin soft, refreshed and free of impurities.

2 tablespoons powdered egg shell soup
1 egg white

Grind the eggshells to let them in powder and mix them with an egg white.

application mode
Spread the product on the face with a brush and leave it until it dries. Rinse with warm water and repeat use once a week. Not recommended for people with dry skin.

Nail strengthener
The calcium it provides, this remedy is beneficial for those people who have brittle nails.

½ teaspoon of eggshell powder eggs
1 transparent enamel

Grind the eggshells and mix the powder in a transparent glaze.

application mode
Apply a layer of enamel three times a week, or more if deemed necessary.

Bleach clothes

If the linen is starting to look grubby and the detergent is not enough to recover the white tone, enjoy the benefits of this part of the egg.

3 eggshells
1 bundle of gauze preparation
Leave the eggshells into pieces and put them in cheesecloth pouch.

How to use
Place the bundle in the washer while washing the clothes you want to whiten.

As you can see, there are several interesting uses for this part of the egg that many certainly would throw in the trash.

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