Do Not Eat The Following Foods Or Tooth Demineralization Will Grip You Violently!


Tooth demineralization can have brutal consequences on your teeth. Learn the basic tips here and start the road to recovery.

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So which FOODS promote demineralization?

1# Processed foods
Foods that contain carbohydrates such as: cakes, biscuits, dried fruits have massive amounts of sugar.
And the 1 thing bacteria love is sugar as they can break it down and turn it into acid which overtime can lead to enamel erosion.

#2 Sugary drinks
Avoiding sugary drinks is a must if you want to have healthy teeth.
That means no more soft drinks or fizzy pop.
Okay maybe it’s hard to completely get rid of them but keep it to a minimum. Only drink them on special occasions such as family gatherings.
But seriously you want to get rid of these sorts of drinks overtime unless you want your teeth to look like the picture that was shown in the beginning of this video.
The acid from these drinks will destroy your teeth inside out.
They contain acidogenic acids which break down simple sugars into VOLATILE fatty acids.
And have cariogenic properties which means they promote tooth decay.

#3 High glycemic index foods
These foods will spike your insulin levels in your body causing metabolic confusion.
The foods responsible for this are mostly carbohydrates such as cookies, crackers, bread and the list goes on and on.
And because they contain sugar the first point of contact they will have will be your mouth and teeth.
Don’t be consuming large amounts in one sitting and always rinse your mouth with water afterwards and chew some sugar free gum. This will help.

Now the most important step you can take to start the initial process of repair is remove sugar from your diet by as much as 95%.
This leaves 5% which should be consumed from natural sugars found in fruits.
This tip alone will drastically reduce the demineralization process.

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