Dentures West Bloomfield MI Implant Retained Dentures Versus Dentures


Imagine you have a lower denture, usually that’s the loosest denture in the mouth is the lower denture, there’s really nothing to hold it in and what you can do is place either two or even four dental implants into the bottom jaw. Once they have healed you can screw a little attachment into the implants and place another attachment inside the dentures so basically when you put your denture on it snaps onto the implants just like when you snap the buttons on your jacket together
It’s very similar the implant buttons snap onto the buttons on the implants and it holds it in very very tight. They are called locators.
Ok Dr. Qatsha so are the exact advantages of the implant retained dentures over regular dentures?
So the advantages of the implant retained dentures are that your dentures don’t move anymore. You go from having a loosey goosey denture you are chewing it is flopping it doesn’t stay in it is embarrassing you are nervous when you go out to a denture that will literally snap onto your jaw because it connects to the implants and doesn’t move at all. So now you can go out and eat with friends with confidence it’s much more comfortable, there’s less soreness because it’s not rubbing around on your tissues. It’s pretty close to having real teeth again. It’s much, much more comfortable.
I’m sure one of the questions you’re going to get asked all the by patients is which one is more cost effective right. The regular dentures versus the implant retained dentures?
The main thing about implant retained dentures is that they’re life changing. I have people that are miserable and they have a few implants placed, it could be as little as two implants they have the attachments put into their existing denture and they can chew again so and the other thing is it’s not as expensive as people think. They always think I can’t afford implants, I can’t do implants they’re not affordable. It’s not a very quick process so most people pay payments over time which makes it much more palatable finally and really in the long term so beneficial. Another benefit is the implants you place into your jawbone will help to preserve that bone because the longer your teeth are missing the less bone you have because the bone resorbs because the only reason bone is there is to hold teeth in so no teeth no bone so if you put a couple implants in there it also helps to preserve your bone. And again, in the long term that’s going to make everything more comfortable and more stable for you for your dentures and what not.