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Hi, I’m Dr. Jim Craig, with Summerbrook Dental Group, here to answer a
question many people have, and that is, “Why is dentistry so expensive?”

As is the case with most medical care, it is quite pricey. Sadly, dental
insurance often does a poor job covering care. There are low yearly fixed
amounts that you can spend, the deductibles can be high, and there are
unusual rules about what your insurance will and will not pay for. At
Summerbrook Dental Group, we believe that patients’ care should be
affordable, and we do our best to provide you with a variety of treatment
options and payment plans that can meet your needs and sometimes meet your
budget, also. We offer third-party financing, and we’ll even pay the
interest for you so that you don’t have to pay that interest.

I had a case recently in my practice where a patient waited a little bit
too long to treat a condition, and she ended up having to go to the
under the care of a surgeon to have the treatment completed at the cost of
,000, none of which her insurance would cover. The sad thing is, had she
acted just one year sooner, we could have done the treatment at just 00.
Still expensive, but we could have done a payment plan for about 0 a
month. It was a very sad situation, and I never want to see that happen to
you or any other patients.

If you want to talk about dental care that can
be affordable, or what your treatments be, I look forward to visiting with
you at our free consultation, at Summerbrook Dental Group.

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