Dental Implants 2016 | Teeth in a Day with Active Implants


Smile Implant Center – Why replace missing teeth?
When a tooth is missing an implant can be a great choice for replacing it. An implant is a small titanium post that replaces the roots of a missing tooth. And supports a custom made crown. An implant can prevent a chain reaction of problems. Including loss of bone in the jaw, shifting teeth, difficulty keeping teeth free of plaque and bacteria, grinding and clenching, and pain in the jaw joints.

Dental Implants 2016 | Teeth in a Day with Active Implants

As asked by many this is a video on how I whiten my teeth at home. This has worked for me for years, it may not work for you, its just a tip I am sharing. Do not over do it as it may lead to you weakening your enamel.

I only do it ONCE a WEEK, because I have SENSITIVE teeth and as you know too much of anything is bad for you, so please dont over do it, you will end up toothless lol and I will not go to prision for your toothless ass if you over do it. 😛

1. Can I use this technique if I have braces- NO, your teeth will end up white and areas covered by braces will be dark.- Simply what till you no longer wear braces.

2. How many times a week should I do this?- ONCE A WEEK- if you do it more, you may cause sensitivity with to your teeth.

3. If I do not have limes or lemon what could I use to replace them?- You could replace them with water to make the paste.

4. Do you do this before or after brushing your teeth?- I do this at night time, after I have finished brushing my teeth with regular tooth paste.

5. Does this actually work? – Ofcourse it does, I would not be making this video if it did not. I also have had people send my before and after pictures. Try it yourself and see the results.

6. How old can I be to try this. – I will not obviously do this on toddlers. Apart from that as long as you do it ONCE a week, you will be fine.

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Dental Implants 2016 | Teeth in a Day with Active Implants
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